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Vestido de Noiva

Boca de ouro

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The Oficcina Multimédia Group of the Fundação de Educação Artística was created in 1977 by composer Rufo Herrera at the 11th UFMG Winter Festival. Under the direction of Ione de Medeiros since 1983, the Group has staged 24 shows, configuring a multimedia profile, which is defined by the multiplicity of information in the staging, diversity of references for the staging and emphasis on creativity, always faithful to experimentation and commitment to risk.

In July 2022, GOM celebrated 45 years of uninterrupted cultural activity in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. This year also marked the 40th anniversary of Ione de Medeiros' career as a theater director. Throughout its career, GOM has won the respect of the public and has taken part in several national and international festivals, such as: the 12th Festival Le Manifeste 2015, in France; the Caracas International Festival, in Venezuela; the 3rd Brazilian Theater Festival - Cena Mineira, in Brasília (DF); the São José do Rio Preto International Festival/SP (2006); the 2nd Circuit of International Festivals "El Teatro del Mundo en Argentina" and the Belo Horizonte International Stage and Street Theater Festival - FIT BH. 

Alongside its theatrical activity, GOM organizes the cultural events Bloomsday, Bienal dos Piores Poemas and Verão Arte Contemporânea in Belo Horizonte. The latter completed its 15th edition in 2023.

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