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The Carcaça de Poéticas Negras is a theater group that since 2015 has been building a research work in collaborative, scenic and ethno-racial theater, born from the effervescent walls and corridors of the Escola Livre de teatro de Santo André, still when we were students. In classes, experimentations and pedagogical shows, the following question was constant on the part of the students. Why is it that only European works of academic and hegemonic knowledge are considered as reference for the formation of the actor?

In 2020, they completed the much sweaty and busy 5 years of existence and resistance in the city of São Paulo. In their repertoire are "Mato Cheio", directed by Yve Souza (2017) and "Buraquinhos ou o Vento é Enimigo do Picumã", directed by Naruna Costa (2018). And contemplated by the 36th edition of the theater funding, in 2020, the group continues with the cycle of studies and research, in order to materialize the "Trilogy of Escape, with the third and last play that composes it, with premiere scheduled for September 2022.

When I can no longer step on the avenue (2022)
Mato Cheio- A Poetic Document (2021)
Little holes or the Wind is
  Enemy of the Picumã (2018)
Mato Cheio - Degenerated Escape (

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