Matrioska (em produção)

A Gigantesca Barba do Mal (em produção)

Space Invaders (2017)

Poetinha Camará (2015)

A Menina Lia (2012)

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Bruno Gavranic, Fernanda Gama and Leonardo Devitto - artists who already knew each other from the School of Communications and Arts of USP - created CIA DO FUBÁ in 2010, after a shared experience within the Experimental Center of SESI-SP. 

The group wanted to create children’s narratives that were fun to do and watch, while dealing with important issues regarding the small spectator formation. 

The first works of the group sought to talk about the pleasure of sharing stories and the importance of literature in children’s lives: What happened to Grandpa Quim? (2011) had as theme the memory and the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.

The Roald Dahl’s Matilda inspired Girl Lia (2012) that presents us a girl that loves to read and was able to use everything she learned in books to overcome the challenges of her own life.

Poetinha Camará (2015) showed a boy who discovered at the same time the first love and poems of Vinicius de Moraes.