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Cia do Sal is a company that emerged on the occasion of the premiere of the play "monkeys" in 2016. The group today is formed by actors and actresses researchers of the scene, coming from the school of dramatic art of USP/EAD, free school of theater of santo andré-elt and célia helena. The company is formed by blacks, whites, trans, gays, straights, paulistanos, cariocas, and nordestinos who research their longings within the collective. The main idea is to tell, together with the people, slices and memories of our history. It has already received several awards and nominations from festivals around the country, such as XX Festival de Teatro do Rio de Janeiro- RJ, Festival de Teatro de Cabo Frio-RJ, IX Festival Niterói em Cena, XIV Fesq, VIII Festival de Teatro do Amazonas and Festic-Caruaru.

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Ape (2016)

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