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Our End is a Distant Past (2021)


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Cia. Livre has been working collectively since 1999, developing a theatrical praxis whose core lies in the creation of study, research and creation processes, open to the public.

In 2006, it begins the study and dramaturgical and scenic creation about Amerindian narratives, with the project "Estudo Público - Mitos de Morte e Renascimento [Amerindian Myths of Death and Rebirth]", contemplated by the 8th edition of the law of promotion to the theater of São Paulo, which originates the play "Vem Vai - O Caminho dos Mortos" (2006/2009), text by Newton Moreno in a collaborative process with Cia. There, anthropology becomes a partner, while anthropophagy gains space as a central theme and, at the same time, a modus operandi. 

Awarded the Cleyde Yáconis Prize, Cia. Livre's project "Os Um e os Outros-Livre adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's 'Os Horácios e os Curiácios', focusing on the issue of Amerindian peoples and their many struggles for cultural survival in Brazil today" began in January 2019 (built in partnership with Cia. Oito Nova Dança).

In 2021 there are 10 virtual presentations followed by a debate for students and educators from public schools of the etec of arts of the city of São Paulo and the play is invited to participate in the 28°Fitu-Festival Internacional de Teatro Universitario, of Unam-Universidad Autónoma de México.

The group continues its research with the project "End of the World and What Comes After: an audiovisual performance with 7 attempts".

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