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Skellig (2017)

Mine! (2013)

My Father is a Bird Man (2012)

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Cia Simples de Teatro is a collective of actors and partners that started their research in 2003, when all of them were attending the Usp's School of Dramatic Art. There, in the corridors of the school, the seed that guides their work until today was already born: A Theater that doesn't want representation, an actor who has as a starting point his body and his history, texts and or dramaturgical stimulus that help this crossing without subterfuge, without search for great effects. The simple, the essential as a base.

It has in its trajectory shows for both children and adults, always prioritizing the ACTOR as the center of the scene. In its trajectory the shows stand out: Se eu fosse eu (directed by Antônio Januzzeli), Meu pai é um homem avearo (Femsa and APCA award for best play) and Skellig (Femsa award for best direction and actor) (both directed by Cristiane Paoli Quito). 

Cia Simples also establishes partnerships with other companies, seeking intersections and frictions that broaden its research. We highlight the partnerships with Hiato in Escuro (Shell award for best text and lighting), directed and written by Leo Moreira and in Gota DÁgua breviário (Shell award for best actress) directed by Heron Coelho and Georgete Fadel. 

In the last few years, the actors and musician partners have also started to experiment with directing and dramaturgy. As a result, the plays Azirilhante, written and directed by Daniela Duarte, and Mina!, adapted by Natalia Mallo and Marat Descartes, were born. 

The company's main focus is the construction of a Theater for All. For this, a research that engages in a simple communication without giving up the sensitivity and aesthetics necessary for this. And sustaining that which is most human in living the theater: vulnerability and potency, not represented but really lived.


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