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CODEX WORLD COTTON - Sheila Ribeiro, Alejandro Ahmed, Tom Monteiro  (Brazil)


Codex is a series by transmedia artist Sheila Ribeiro, who examines the work of important creators of Brazilian contemporary dance using tools from digital culture. In Codex Mundo Cotton, Ribeiro tries to decode the artistic thinking and modus operandi of choreographer Alejandro Ahmed, artistic director of the group Cena 11 Cia. de Dança. Like a hacker, who invades machines to understand and transcribe the devices that operate them, the artist tries to decipher Ahmed's work according to the technique of physical perception, as he himself would do. Ahmed participates in the work suggesting paths within the proposed axes while revisiting (and rethinking) his own work. Tom Monteiro's sound design acclimatizes the performance.

Platform (concept): Sheila Ribeiro | User (creation): Alejandro Ahmed.

Work performed at the SESC 2017 Dance Biennial

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