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EUPÇÃO - O levante ainda não terminou (2022)

Quando Quebra Queima (2017)

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Created in 2017 by performers and artists of different ages and regions of São Paulo, who met during the secondary movement of public school occupations. The group is the explosive meeting of this new artistic and political subjectivity, which now occupies the theater as a territory of creation and new narratives. The occupation collective has been developing a continuous practice of language investigation, its own dramaturgy and the formation of a poetics from the urgent upheavals of our time.

Their first work, "Quando Quebra Queima", is a performance-act that provokes and displaces new theatrical choreographies, what we call the staging of the uprising.  Presenting the experience of the real in the scene, new performative situations are created, friction of languages and narratives that embody the desire of a generation to occupy the theater. Our "QQQ" is still performing today, having already toured in several festivals in Brazil, traveled to some European countries, taken an artistic residency at Battersea Arts Centre, won the 9th Zé Renato Award and the 39th edition of the Fomento ao Teatro da Cidade de São Paulo.

The group's new showA ocupação had its creation process started in 2020, a gesture of resilience to continue creating and surviving in a moment of catastrophes of worlds, producing new forms of enchantment, in contact with other cosmologies and ways to approach time. "ERUPTION - the uprising is not over yet" is a science fiction where the present, the past, the future and the ancestral forces of nature are in scene, proposing a diasporic transit of each performers' body-memory to cross time. In 2022 it premiered at MIRADA festival and now it is preparing for seasons on the road.

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