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THE GOD OF FORTUNE / Coletivo Alfenim (Paraíba)


The God of Fortune is a parable about capital in its global stage of volatilization. It tells the story of Wang, a deeply indebted landowner in Imperial China. Zao Gong Ming, the God of Fortune, appears before him and unveils the future, provided that a Temple is built in his honor. The owner will leave the primitive forms of capital accumulation to devote himself to financial speculation.

Text and direction: Márcio Marciano
Performance: Adriano Cabral, Lara Torrezan, Mayra Ferreira, Nuriey Castro, Paula
Coelho, Ricardo Canella, Suellen Brito and Vítor Blam
Research: Coletivo Alfenim
Art direction and costumes: Vilmara Georgina
Musical direction: Mayra Ferreira and Nuriey Castro
Musical compositions: Wilame AC and Coletivo Alfenim
Scenery and lighting: Márcio Marciano
Graphic project: Marcello Tostes
Executive Production: Gabriela Arruda
Realization: Coletivo Alfenim

work performed on the 2014 Rotating Stage

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