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The Land you homeland (2018)

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Comitê escondido johann fatzer is the result of the reunion of artists from different backgrounds, interests and places that met for the first time in 2017 and have since then come together to develop artistic projects.

Through dialogue, a political body is built where it is possible to deepen thoughts and broaden perspectives. The presence of new artists is always welcome, and the flow of members is something that constitutes the very meaning of “committee / comitê”: a group that meets to build something with an specific objective.

The artists involved are all authors of what is created, contributing in different ways to a collective and polyphonic work. The aim is to experiment through materials, whether in the text, in the body, in the voice, in the staging as a whole.

“I can’t hear anyone's footsteps among the rubble” (2017), the group's first work, it is a scenic installation based on the text Hamlet Machine, by Heiner Muller, performed at Sesc Prainha, in Florianópolis.

In 2018, the committee occupied the Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade and the garage of the Teatro da Vertigem. This is how Terra Tu Pátria is criated, a scenic compilation of documents from the recent history of the Brazilian political-institutional universe. The work was  presented at Itaú Cultural and TUSP-Maria Antônia, among other importante spaces in São Paulo, and won the Nascente 2019 Award (PRCEU-USP), in the Best Direction category.

At its most recent meeting, the comitê turns its attention to the debate on the creation of the 1979 Amnesty Law, which was responsible for pardoning crimes committed by State agents during the Military Dictatorship (1964-85).

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