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LOS YAYOS - Compagnie de La casquette (Belgium)


As they pass through the door, two old men get lost in an unlikely place. They are doomed to suffer the rules. Music and sound effects transform each of them into a cha cha cha, a tango, a clown waltz. Refreshed, they will find, in the time of a dance, their lost youth. A last love encounter that they leave us as a legacy. "... we can't recover what we've already danced" "that they don't take the dance from us"

Directed by: Pierre Richards

Text: Isabelle Verlaine, Miguel Camino and Pierre Richards

Musical composition: Josselin Moinet

Lighting: Guy Thérache

Costumes: Catherine Somers

Cast: Isabelle Verlaine and Miguel Camino

Musician: Josselin Moinet

Technician and musician: Mehdi Missoumi

Photo: Valerie Burton

Work performed at the XIII Paideia Theater Festival 2019

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