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OTELO - Viaje Inmóvil Company ( Chile)

OTELO _ Viaje Inmóvil (Chile)

Animated objects, puppets and mobile scenography are the hallmarks of the Chilean theater group for the reassembly of Shakespeare's classic. In "Othello", the company tells the most classic passionate tragedy of all times, with a focus on synchronized bodywork between the artists.


In revenge for not being promoted to lieutenant, Iago convinces Admiral Othello that Desdemona, his beautiful young wife, deceives him with Cassio, who, as a friend of the officer, was recently appointed to the position. Instigated by Iago and troubled by envy, Othello succumbs to passionate tragedy.

Author: Teresita Iacobelli, Christian Ortega and Jaime Lorca;

Direction: Teresita Iacobelli, Christian Ortega and Jaime Lorca

Art Director: Eduardo Jimenez

Cast: Teresita Iacobelli and Jaime Lorca

Scenography: Eduardo Jimenez

Costumes: Loreta Monsalve

Soundtrack: Gonzalo Aylwin

Creation of Light: Tito Velásquez

Work Produced at the Mirada Festival 2014

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