Daniele do Rosário (RJ)


Show created from the book “We”, by Eva Furnari. While dedicating herself to winning the invention contest of her city with her friends, Mel – a girl surrounded by butterflies – is faced with discoveries about the passage of time, the need for change and the importance of seeking antidotes against sadness.

Directed by: Cristina Moura and Emilio de Mello

Dramaturgy: Keli Freitas

Cast: Daniele do Rosário, Carolina Pismel and Leandro Daniel Colombo

Music and Musical Direction: Felipe Storino

Scenario: Aurora dos Campos

Costumes: Pierre Garcia

Lighting: Tomás Ribas

Collaboration / Fine Arts: Mana Bernardes

Photos: Marcos Morteira

Production Management: Dadá Maia

Creation and Idealization of the project: Daniele do Rosário

Work done   Book Biennial 2014 and  Sesc Ribeirão Preto 2014