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December (2015)

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With a simple and direct language, but full of metaphors, award-winning Chilean playwright Guillermo Calderón transports us to Christmas Eve 2020 during a fictitious war in Latin America. On stage we see Jorge, Paula, and Trinidad's intimate and tragicomic issues emerge from their personal and political existences and disagreements while outside there is a war going on and life is convulsed by serious social and political conflicts. Diego Moschkovich's direction makes what really matters in the show a lively and true play between actors and dramaturgy.



NEVA tells the story of a group of actors rehearsing while outside the violence explodes. In the street, a revolution begins, but inside a theater, the problem is still how to act, how to tell the story. 

With a staging in which all the elements serve to enhance the actor's work, scenery, costumes, objects, lighting, and soundtrack were carefully researched and incorporated into the construction of the play, as an organic response to what the action and the atmosphere created by the actors demand.

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