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EVERY BODY ELECTRIC -  Doris Uhlich (Austria)

Every body Electric

People with physical disabilities explore the possibilities of their deformities in  Every Body Electric, show by Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich. Dancers research their own flows, beats and dynamics, transforming their bodies into a kind of endogenous fuel.

Uhlich works with the concept of energy icons, in which individual movements are guided by pleasure and the search for energy resources. The choreography is created by repetitive movements that energetically charge the body during each sequence. “A moving flesh is beautiful when I feel attracted by the energy, sensitivity, empathy and vitality of a body, no matter what it is”, says the artist, who is interested in the relationship between energy and form and between human beings and machine.

The performance also investigates the possibilities that open up when machines such as wheelchairs and crutches are considered extensions of the body. “Every body has limits and, if you're not afraid to touch and face them, they can be inspiring places to expand the horizon of movement”, he says. Each “electric body” is a simple but radical invitation to explore potentials through dance and dive into an archeology of energy. The explosive power and poetry of  Every Body Electric (Electrical Bodies),  rest on how the  performers  they perceive their bodies and how they are perceived.

Choreography: Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgy: Elisabeth Schack
Creation and performance: Erwin Aljukic, Yanel Barbeito, Adil Embaby, Sandra Mader, Karin Ofenbeck, Thomas Richter, Vera Rosner, Danijel Sesar and Katharina Zabransky
Lighting: Gerald Pappenberger
Sound: Boris Kopeinig
Costumes and production: Christine Sbaschnigg
Production assistant: Annamaria Waliczky


Work performed at the SESC 2019 Dance Biennial

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