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Since 2011, Coletivo Estopô Balaio has been developing an artistic residency in the Jardim Romano neighborhood, in the far east of São Paulo. It won the Shell Theater Award - 2019 in the Innovation category with the show "The city of invisible rivers". The headquarters of the Coletivo, Casa Balaio, houses the artistic residency of three collectives, as well as a monthly diversified cultural program. In 2020, the collective begins the process of setting up the new show, "Ex-Nordestinos", in partnership with Corpo Rastreado, which plunges into the dystopia of a Brazil without the Northeast. Overnight, without explanation, the region disappears from the map. What could have happened? A scam? A tsunami? Collective illusion? Did the Northeast actually exist? Where are the northeastern people who live there? What is the Northeast?


Former Northeasterners  

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