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Geographic Accidents Workshop (2021)

Dance to forget Grandpa (2018)

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Actor, dancer, movement director and illuminator. It investigates somatic education techniques as a starting point for dance and theater. Bachelor in Performing Arts at Unicamp and graduated by the method of Estúdio Nova Dança/SP, with trainers such as Cristiane Paoli Quito, Lu Favoreto and dancers from Cia Nova Dança 4 and Cia Oito Nova Dança.  He was a member of the Berlin Post School for Physical Theater-Dance (Germany/2010). 

He is the creative partner of directors and authors Rafael Gomes and Vinicius Calderoni, at the company. Empório de Teatro Sortido - acts in Jaqueline and prepared and performed in Um Bonde Chamado Desejo and in the Plates Tectonics Trilogy - Não nor Nada, ÃRRÃ and Chorume. He is currently part of the Somatic Educator Training - BMC (Body Mind Centering) Brazil. 
In recent years, he created the choreography of Roque Santeiro, the Musical (Débora Dubois), Gota d'água [dry]  (Rafael Gomes) - nominated for the 3rd Reverencia Award for Best Choreography; Tick Tick BOOM! (Leopoldo Pacheco and Bel Gomes); Toy House (Carla Candiotto) and SISIFO - solo by Gregório Duvivier and Vinicius Calderoni. 

In 2017, he received the São Paulo Children and Youth Theater Award in the Best Actor category for the show SKellig, directed by CristianePaoli Quito.

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