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Gabriel Saito (DRT - 0056860/RJ) is an actor and fashion designer who graduated in Petrópolis (RJ) and lives in São Paulo. He has worked with various groups and artists, such as Quarentine (UK), Emily Beaney (Edinburgh), Lowri Evans (Manchester) and directors Fabiano Dadado de Freitas and Renato Carrera. His artistic career includes authorial works that blend his personal experiences with theater, such as the performance project "Public Claustrophobias", in which he coordinated and collaborated with multi-artists on the theme of confinement during the pandemic in 2020, and "OKAMA", which portrays memories and affections of his Japanese origin fictionalized from his fag-yellow-blue markers.
His outstanding works in theater as an actor and producer include "Água Fresca - uma comédia de Virginia Woolf" and "Ficções - Série de Audiodrama", which ran at Itaú Cultural. As a producer and organizer, he was part of the jury for the Maestro Guerra Peixe Award (2019) and has developed works with art and technology at Metaverso Xepa World (2021-2022). He is a clown with a degree from Casa 11 and has experience in advertising. He also currently works with various partners such as Ato - Simulação Realística.


Okama (2023)

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