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HALKA - Tanger Acrobatic Group (Morocco)


Acrobatics is the essence of  Halka. The Moroccan spectacle reframes this traditional artistic modality in order to challenge, update and enhance the acrobatic tradition.

In a reference to the way old street performances were presented in Morocco, the numbers follow circular shapes (halka  means “the energy of the circle”). “They revere knowledge passed down from generation to generation and contextualize it with references from today's society,” says Sanae El Kamouni, director of the company. The tensions between tradition and modernity are also represented by the dispute between genders, as in the moment when a woman tries to lead the group, but is removed by a man.

The artists stage numbers such as acrobatic pyramids and somersaults in a plot that pays homage to the Sufi saint Sidi Ahmed o Moussa, considered the patron saint of Moroccan acrobats. The soundtrack is performed live by two artists, with chants, percussions and typical Moroccan sounding instruments.

Direction and design: Tanger Acrobatic Group.

Cast: Najwa Aarras, Amal Hammich, Mohammed Hammich, Mustapha Aït Ouarakmane, Adel Châaban, Mohammed Achraf Châaban, Mhand Hamdan, Mohammed Takel, Abdelaziz El Haddad, Samir Laaroussi, Younes Yemlahi, Ouad Nahibcermich, Hamri Hamri, Hamri.

Work Accomplished International Circus Festival at SESC 2019

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