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Seagull, which gesture of a dream? (2019)

Cheese and guava,  - Work - attack in honor of those who died fighting (2017)

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Heterônimos Coletivos de Teatro is a theater language research group that has been operating in the city of São Paulo for eight years. Through research on the actor's work and current political aspects, the group investigates literary works and classic theatrical texts and creates its works in an authorial way.

Creating re-readings in the light of our own time and social reality, the collective's first work was "Hamlet - I missed the psychiatrist to fix the freezer" (2012). The show addresses tragic violence and unrestraint, through obsessive bodies inhabiting a ruined house-kingdom. There the group's research around action and an intense physicality is born, in order to expose through the bodies of the actresses and actors the violence of a time.  The next work is "Expurgo - I buried Oedipus in the garden and now I am ready for something more pop" (2013). Based on the action of seven figures from the Greek tragedies who, forbidden to stop dancing throughout the play, purge their crimes and are purged by society because of them, the work deals with the forms of domestication and standardization in society. The next work, "Tantália" (2014), is a research on fatigue and creates an inverted reality of the previous shows, abandoning the intense physicality to give way to the body in exhaustion. In 2017 the collective premieres "Romeo and Juliet: Work-attempt in honor of those who died fighting", starting from Shakespeare's classic to address the transgression of love: love not as romance, but as struggle, as the force capable of destroying the already known structures of a time. It was this trajectory that led the group to the current investigation, the "Project: Failure and Resistance", in which they investigate the works of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. The first work of this project was "Seagull: what is the gesture of a dream?" (2019), an investigation into the possibilities of moving on together and resisting in the face of the failure of our time. And currently the group is in the process of creating "Three Sisters: what is inside stays, what is outside expands."

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