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KZ&C - key zetta e cia. is a dance company from São Paulo, created by directors Key Sawao and Ricardo Iazzetta, artistic partners since 1996, in order to build a space that can bring together other dancers, artists and collaborators around proposals and creations, enable dialogues, language research with a focus on thought in dance and its possible interrelations. The body, physicality and its potentialities. Over the years, it has developed training projects linked to the twelve pieces performed over the years. It received the APCA2009 "Formation and Creation" and APCA2013 "Creation in Dance" Awards; it was nominated twice in 2017 with the creations "Thanks for coming + Guests" and "RISO"; it received the Denilto Gomes 2013 /Luz and 2017/Elenco Awards. KZ&C was nominated for the State Governor's Award in 2015 and 2017.


Laughing - Intervention According to Movement (2019)

Uníssono - event of dancing together (2019)

Laughter (2017)

Thanks for Coming (2016)

For All the Following (2015)

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