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Liberdade, Liberdade (Revisitada).jpeg

“Destruction as an experiment in an anti-colonial process; the destruction of the world we know as the possibility of political imagination”, Jota Mombaça and Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi.


After stepping on the moon, while marching on the planet itself, men decide to look for a place in an attempt to leave Earth. They believe that a planet can be invaded as if it were a foreign country, just colonize it and erase any memory prior to the invasion. What they don't know is that they are being monitored. In 2027, satellites begin to tumble through cities around the world. One of them falls on the São Paulo Cultural Center, starting to transmit, through the voice of Vivian, a trans woman of the XXII century, who acts as a master of ceremonies of the future, messages captured from other times. Excerpts from a 1965 play about freedom, military marches in 1968, direct as far back as 1983, marches in 2013, elections in 2018, pandemic in 2020, a Chinese robot invading Mars in 2021. Every moment of the broadcast, the untold story wins voice and body through their anonymous witnesses, attracting attention from all over the world. Are we ready to hear what they have to say?



Celso Frateschi, César Vieira, Cia do brick, Chico César, Denise Stoklos, Everson Pessoa, Clariô Theater Group, Esparrama Group, Heliópolis Theater Company, Casa das Serpentes Dance Collective, Gerson da Banda, José Celso Martinez Corrêa, Leda Maria Martins, Nilcéia Vicente and Renata Carvalho.


Direction: Luiz Fernando Marques

Dramaturgy: Dione Carlos

Audiovisual Creation: Flavio Barollo

Image capture: Flávio Barollo, Alécio Cezar (drone) and Igor Marotti (Chico César and Teatro Oficina)

Original track: Gustavo Sarzi

Film assistant: Lucas Vedovoto

Costumes Renata Carvalho and Nilcéia Vicente: Dudu Bertholini 

Production: Rodrigo Fidelis - Tracked Body

Project and Realization: CCSP / Theater Curatorship

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