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A scenic dance artist from São Paulo since 1983, she keeps her research line focused on approaches and techniques directed to the cultural and corporal singularities as a motto for her creations. Her career has been marked by the experience with several teachers and technical variations focused on scenic creation, as well as partnerships with other artists throughout her trajectory. She has danced with Joyce & Lennie Dale Cia. de Dança (directed by Joyce Kerman and Lennie Dale), Cia. Jazz Brazil (Maisa Tempesta), Grupo Raça (Rosely Rodrigues), Cia. Terceira Dança (Gisela Rocha), Núcleo Nova Dança de Improvisação, currently Aia. 4 (Cristiane Paoli Quito and Tica Lemos), Núcleo Nova Dança de Composição (Adriana Grechi), Núcleo Omstrab (Fernando Lee), among others. Currently, besides partnerships with other artists, he is the director of Núcleo Luis Ferron, which defines itself as a platform for his creations.


The Crows (2017)

Glass Dragonflies (2017)

White Shoes (2010)

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