Zoo (2018)

Macaquinhos (2014)

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Macaquinhos is Andrez Ghizze, Caio, Dan.i.b.a.r.r.a, Feliz Trovoada, Kupalua, Luiz Gustavo, Marine Sigaut, Rosangela Sulidade and Teresa Moura Neves. São Paulo (SP), Raposa (BH), Ipatinga (MG), Lisbon (PT) and Berlin (DE). Most have an academic background in Arts.


For about ten years, its productions have been going mainly through contemporary dance and performance in its experimental frontiers. Some of the features in common in its research is to understand artistic practice as a way of being in the world in its broadest daily lives, as well as the disinstitutionalization of artistic places, the occupation of the streets and activism.


Many of them worked in the collective works "Microperformance", "Preta", "Muah" and "ZOO" and have also worked with renowned artists, among them, Marcelo Evelin, Thelma Bonavita (COMO-Clube) and Zé Celso Martinez Correia.


The project also included: Ana Carolina Pires, Alzira Incendiaria, Carolina Castanho, Gui Godoy, Serguei Dias, Mavi Veloso, Rafael Amambahy, Yang Dallas, Yuri Tripodi.


Acknowledgments: Núcleo do Dirceu, COMO_clube, Fabio Morais, Casa Amarela, Gustavo Saulle, Casa do Povo, Casa da Luz, Lote.