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Play (2020)

Harry (2016)

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Actor, director, playwright and adaptor, graduated from the School of Dramatic Art (EAD/ECA/USP) in 1998 and Bachelor in Literature from FFLCH/USP in 2001. In THEATRE, for 25 years, as an ACTOR in more than 40 plays, the highlights are: PRIMEIRO AMOR, by Samuel Beckett, Shell SP Award for Best Actor 2006; ALDEOTAS, by Gero Camilo; FELPO FILVA, by Eva Furnari, nominated for the São Paulo Award for Incentive to Children and Youth Theatre - Best Actor 2015; CAFÉ COM TORRADAS, by Gero Camilo, Nascente Award 1997 - Individual Interpretation Theatre; as DIRECTOR, DRAMATURIST AND ADAPTATOR, in O NATAL DE HARRY, translation, adaptation and acting in Steven Berkoff's monologue, won Festival Cultura Inglesa 2013 - Adult Theater; A CONFISSION DE LEONTINA, adaptation and direction of the homonymous novel by Lygia Fagundes Telles; GARDENIA, adaptation and direction of the novel O Amor nos Tempos do Cólera, by G. G. Marquez. In CINEMA, he received the Troféu Barroco 2014 honor at the 17th Tiradentes Film Festival, for his performance in more than 20 films, where the highlights are: MULHER DO PAI, by Cristiane Oliveira, Best Actor Award 2018 at Festin/Portugal; UMA DOSE VIOLENTA DE QUALQUER COQUER COQUER, by Gustavo Galvão, Best Supporting Actor Award 2015 - IX FIESP/SESI-SP Film Award; SUPER NADA, by Rubens Rewald, Kikito Award for Best Actor at the 40th Gramado Film Festival; WORKING CANSA, by Marco Dutra and Juliana Rojas, Official Selection 2011 Cannes Film Festival - Un Certain Regard, Best Actor Award at the Luso-Brazilian Film Festival of Santa Maria da Feira/Portugal; THE INQUILINES, by Sergio Bianchi, Best Actor Award 2011 - VII FIESP/SESI-SP Film Festival. On TV, he acted in soap operas on Rede Globo: TOTALMENTE DEMAIS, ALTO ASTRAL, A VIDA DA GENTE; and in the series O CAÇADOR, A TEIA e O TEMPO E O VENTO; on HBO, series O NEGÓCIO, MOTELand ALICE; among others.

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