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Colombian artist, graduated in dance at the University of Antioquia (Medellín), currently lives in São Paulo, integrating since 2014 the artistic core Key Zetta e Cia, where he maintains contact with some oriental techniques that have influenced his body work, among them: sei tai ho, tai chi and chi kung.

Within his artistic and research interests in dance, Mauricio has been studying scenic presence and charisma as a force of contagion, empathy, approximation and encounter between the work and the spectator, emphasizing physicality, interpretative versatility and the artisanal creation of gestures. He is also interested in the magical processes of metamorphosis of the body and ecstasy, associated with the use of masks and extraordinary states of consciousness induced by the connection between memory, imagination and movement.

His two solo creations: Bolero and UM, dialogue with a deep desire to mix divergent languages to generate a sort of visual and sensorial entertainment that captivates the spectator's perception. Transformism, clown, butô, and improvisation are part of this fusion interest.    

Flórez complements his dance education and research with ongoing courses in philosophy and history, as well as language and photographic composition with master Carlos Moreira.


UM (2017)

Bolero (2014)

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