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NEFELIBATO - Luiz Machado 


Directed by Fernando Philbert and supervised by Amir Haddad, the monologue has text by Regiana Antonini and features Luiz Machado playing the main character. The play makes its premiere in São Paulo after seasons of public and critical success in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo - the first production is in 2016, to celebrate Luiz Machado's 20-year career.



Text: Regina Antonini

Interpretation: Luiz Machado

Artistic supervision:  Amir Haddad

Direction: Fernando Philbert

Set design and costumes:  Fichinski teak

Lighting: Vilmar Olos

Movement direction:  Marina Salomon

Vocal Preparation: Edi Montechi

Driving assistance:  Alexandre David

Work performed Teatro da Cia de  Magazine 2018

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