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The theatrical collective 28 Patas Furiosas has carried out, since 2013, an artistic research based on authorial creative procedures that transit between theater, performance and the visual arts, supported by the universe of authors who wrote their works in contexts of political and social instability. . From its foundation until 2019, the collective created the three shows that make up the Trilogy of Instability: lenz, um outro, A Macieira and PAREDE.

German author Georg Büchner inspired the creation of lenz, um outro, the group's debut play in 2014, with a revisited version in 2017. The universe of work by Romanian author Herta Müller, on the other hand, gave rise to the show A Macieira in 2016; and the life/work of the Brazilian writer Qorpo-Santo was the starting point for the construction of PAREDE, a show that premiered in 2019. Not limited to transposing these literary materials to the theater, but in the quest to reinvent them from the reflections, concerns and amazement of the group in dialogue with the present time/space, the pieces that make up the Trilogy emerged under the same concern: how to destabilize the order in search of new possibilities of existence?

In 2021, the collective presented the performance-installation Da Instabilidade aos Sonhos at Centro Cultural São Paulo, in which it revisited its previous research, tracing a place of memory and mourning that make up the artistic trajectory of the group in dialogue with the recent history of Brazil.

The performance From Instability to Dreams proposes a scenic installation built from the research of various materialities carried out in 2020/2021. In this installation, the actresses and actors of 28 Patas Furiosas rehearse - in front of and among the public - invented practices of a poetic ritual of mourning. Their motivations involve thinking about how to let grief be born, understanding what the body and weight of grief are, how to make it present and celebrate it. In addition, the group also reflects on how it is possible to transform the death of three plays and retake the spaces, theatricality and artistic language that guide the collective.

Memory and Mourning of a Trilogy

It is about admitting and experiencing the mourning of the death of people, spaces and that quality of presence, so that a new presence is established. We are, at this moment, looking to the past and claiming new tools and technologies to face the present and move towards the future. In the myth of the Kuarup of the Kamayurá people, a community tried to retrieve their dead through a ritual with 03 tree trunks and found it impossible to bring them back. This is how they invented the duty of commemorating them in order to celebrate and learn from the finitude of those who were no longer there. 28 Patas Furiosas, in turn, will now look into and celebrate its 03 “trunks”: lenz, um outro, A Macieira and PAREDE before the following question: How can we face the spirit of the past so that it illuminates new paths for the future?


In this sense, a narrative emerges that guides us along the paths of the Trilogy, and it arrives through the voice of a Serpent that, shedding its skins, walks through time and through memory (of the group and of the recent History of Brazil), to live the mourning of those who are no longer here, and thus, being able to continue celebrating and transforming what we invented as a way of existing.  


The installation is based on a Shellmound - an archaeological site left by native peoples who inhabited the Brazilian coast. In this scenic space - or cemetery of memories - the actresses and actors of 28 Patas Furiosas rehearse - in front of the public - invented practices of a poetic ritual of mourning. To do so, they venture into the following questions: How to let grief be born? What is the body and weight of grief? How to present and celebrate grief? How to reflect and transform the death of three plays? How to retake spaces, theatricality, language? How to dignify the death of people, ideas and desires? How to watch over death and dream of life?  


So Da Instabilidade aos Sonhos wants to walk the path of the dead back to 2013 until we manage to point (dream?)

So we reach 2021, a time when Instability seems to want to put down its roots. When approaching the lenz shows, another one, A Macieira and PAREDE, after having entered a research on dreams from the perspective of some Amerindian peoples (Um Jaguar por Noite - new research by the group), we recognize the impossibility of resuming the pieces the way they happened. The world is already different. That presence no longer exists, that theatricality is in full transformation. the idea of  transforming the Trilogy now, is due to the need to walk the way back as someone asking the dead for permission so that life can continue.  

During the last few years, we have learned from some indigenous figures the importance of recognizing the paths. For a soul to be able to wander in the world of dreams and travel to other geographies, it is necessary to know how to make the way back, otherwise there is the risk of being co-opted and ending up in the village of the dead. After all, it is necessary to know how to return so that death does not become your relative.  


new gift for 2022 and beyond. 

Assim é que Da Instabilidade aos Sonhos deseja percorrer o caminho dos mortos de volta para 2013 até conseguirmos apontar (sonhar?) um novo presente para 2022 e além.

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