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PAGU 360º

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Conceived and performed by Laís Marques, PAGU 360º is a theater show in a hybrid format that mixes Virtual Reality and live solo performance. The play recalls the main aspects of the life and work of writer, cartoonist, journalist and political activist Patrícia Galvão, popularly known as Pagu. The crossing between the historically silenced modernist writer and the actress-performer is one of the motifs of the script, based on the concept of "Devouring". The aesthetics of the scene blur the boundaries between dance, performance and the visual arts, energizing the immersive experience as much as the face-to-face staging. The design of the light radically cuts the body in space, while the originality of the soundtrack enhances the projections of the video art in an expanded format. The audience is invited to immerse themselves in an experience of strong sensory impact where Pagu's personas are unfolded in energetic flows and vigorous prismatic variations.

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