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FOR THOSE WHO ARE NO LONGER     Violeta Luna (Mexico) and Coletivo Rubro Obsceno (Brazil)


For those who are no longer  it is a performative action that brings to the scene, in an interrelational way, the problem of femicide. It is dedicated to women who were (and continue to be) murdered throughout Latin America.

The partnership between the Coletivo Rubro Obsceno, under the responsibility of Stela Fischer and Leticia Olivares, and the performer Violeta Luna, is a poetic-scenic denunciation against crimes that constantly fall into oblivion and impunity, based on real statistics, memories and testimonies of traumas and violence, domination and coloniality.

A symbolic wake, a ritual celebrating the memory of murdered women, which leads to questions about oppression, the undue use of power and the restrictive strategies of capitalism, which also victimize men.

O  Red Obscene Collective  is a theatrical ensemble created in 2013 from meetings of The Magdalena Project in Brazil. Composed of women-artists of performance, dance and theater, it deals with questions about the legitimization of women's rights in the Brazilian context. Among its actions are a study group on contemporary women, workshops, artistic creations, and festivals such as Mostra ObsCENAs.

Violet Luna  is a Mexican actress, performer and activist, based in the USA. It works within a multidimensional space, which moves between the aesthetic and conceptual boundaries between theater and performance. He worked with the group La Pocha Nostra and, currently, with Secos & Mojados, and is a member of The Magdalena Project.

Work carried out at the II USP 2019 International Theater Biennale

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