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Rescuing the tradition of the mambembe theater, the Little Theater of the World proposes not only a show, but an experience. Through the millenary technique of string puppets, it awakens a taste of nostalgia filled with joy and affective memories. Joining his expertise in animation theater to his passion for opera, he enchants and entertains the audience while promoting an educational experience and artistic initiation, bringing the universe of classical music in a popular language. With handcrafted work, taking care of every detail from the construction of the cart-theater and the bamboo theater to the making of the puppets, the sets, and every element of the staging, the artists of the Little Theater of the World take to the most diverse audiences an experience of aesthetic excellence that touches people of all ages in a powerful and delicate way. The Small World Theater was founded in 2015, when Fábio Retti and Fabiana Vasconcelos Barbosa began researching the puppet theater.


Onheama - the childhood of a warrior (Premiere planned for 2020)

The boy and the sorceries (2018)

Rossini by a thread (2017

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