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REBU -  Teatro del Embuste (Colombia)

It's the winter of 1894 in an icy fjord in western Norway. Torvaldo and Bianca are newlyweds. They live far from the world, getting ready to receive a visit from Vladín, Torvaldo's sister, who supposedly comes to spend his last days there. He brings Nathaniel, his most valuable asset, an enigmatic character whom he treats as if he were his own son. His arrival will bring out the most terrible and unspeakable secrets of each one of them.

One of the recurring themes within Jô Bilac's dramaturgy is theatricality itself, the theatrical event as a theme of representation: there is in his plays a constant game between reality and fiction, between creation and truth. Therefore, the adaptation we made can be described as a gradual eruption of the real into the theatrical. We are interested precisely in questioning this border between reality and scenic illusion. Thus, as scenography disappears, the theatrical building emerges as a silent witness to a magnificence in permanent construction and deconstruction.

Direction and adaptation: Matías Maldonado

Cast: Hernán Cabiativa, Natalia Helo, Javiera Valenzuela and Javier Gardeazábal

Production: Juliana García Mutis

Co-production: Vanessa Adatto (Espacio Odeón)

Art direction: Lucas Maldonado

Sound design: Tomás Arenas

Light design: Camila Acosta and Danilo Canguçu

Field production: Lina Ruiz

Art advice: Camila Loboguerrero

Directing assistance: Alejandra Gaitán

Graphic design: Eva Giraldo

Scenography assistance: César Martínez and Cezar Renzi

Photos and video: Danilo Canguçu

Translation: Carolina Virgüez

Additional texts from: “Savana Glacial” by Jô Bilac and “Tebas Land” by Sergio Blanco

Work done  at the Mirada Festival 2016

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