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Opaque Bodies (2018)

Sonhos (2010)

Negrinha (2007)

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Actress , BA in Philosophy from USP and attended the School of Dramatic Art (EAD/USP). Actress and playwright, she acted in more than 10 feature films, signed authorship and co-authorship of 6 theatrical works, acted in Portuguese, French in cinema and theater and series on television. 

She was one of the founders of Grupo Tablado de Arruar and Grupo XIX de Teatro, both in São Paulo, and has toured in Brazil, Portugal, France, England, and Cape Verde. She acted as actress and playwright in the award-winning plays Hysteria, Hygiene, and Arrufos, with Grupo XIX de Teatro, Corpos Opacos directed by Yara de Novaes, and in her own monologues Negrinha directed by Luiz Fernando Marques and Sonhos Para Vestir directed by Vera Holtz.

In the Theater she also acted in the plays As Meninas, directed by Amir Haddad, Temporada de Gripe directed by Felipe Hirsch, Guerrilheiras ou Para a Terra Não há Desaparecidos by Grace Passô directed by Georgette Fadel, Leopoldina, Independência e Morte written and directed by Marcos Damigo among others. She was also directed in the theater by Cleyde Yáconis, Caco Coelho, José Celso Martinez Correa, Luiz Damasceno, Cristiane Paoli Quito, and Sérgio de Carvalho.

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