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Tereza Seiblitz is an actress born in Rio de Janeiro. She got her start on stage through dance. She has worked in theater with texts by Shakespeare, Molière, Ibsen, Euripides, García Lorca, Goethe, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Cora Coralina and Hilda Hilst, among others. She has been directed by Amir Haddad, Camilla Amado, Bernardo Jablonski, Orã Figueiredo and Cristina Flores.  

Her main roles on TV Globo include the crab picker Joana, in the soap opera Renascer, directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho; the ambitious Gabriela Ême, in the miniseries Hilda Furacão, directed by Wolf Maya; and the gypsy Dara, in the soap opera Explode Coração, directed by Dennis Carvalho.  


Carangueja (2022)

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