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FLESHION [appearances] - Thelma Bonavita (Brazil and Germany)

Fleshion is a coined word to describe the invisible interplay between fashion and meat; a corruption of the English words fashion (fashion) and flesh (meat). In this show, artist Thelma Bonavita, who lives in Berlin and whose work moves between dance, fashion and the visual arts, stages a mix of these languages. The guiding line of the work, in which two performers act, navigates through the imaginary of appearances, the impact on understanding, or lack thereof, of differences and the power of the image. According to the director, the show works as a kind of “collection dance” and reflects a desire to touch what is invisible to the naked eye. The costume, with overlapping fabrics tied together and even pieces of rug used as a hat, is the result of extensive research on fashion by the artist.

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Thelma Bonavita

Choreographic and Performance Collaboration: Marcela Reichelt |

Music: Katrina Burch aka Yoneda Lemma Collaboration by Donatas Tubutis.

Work performed at the SESC 2017 Dance Biennial

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