VULCÃO [criação e pesquisa cênica]

Emerging from the union of autonomous artists with a common desire to develop their research and artistic creations, VULCÃO [criação e pesquisa cênica] has built up projects of theatrical investigation transposing LITERATURE master pieces to the STAGE. Dealing with the subject of WOMEN’s SOCIAL ROLE, the group has already created shows based in the work of three great female authors from the 20th century - Clarice Lispector, Sylvia Plath and Marguerite Duras.


Formed by Elisa Volpatto, Livia Vilela, Paulo Salvetti, Rita Grillo and Vanessa Bruno, VULCÃO wants to create a dialogue between different art forms, joining dance, theater, literature and video, and understands the actor’s work as the main motor on its artistic constructions. The members of VULCÃO establish democratic relationships to each other. They welcome the uniqueness of each one and expose their projects to a constant exchange, without thematic, aesthetic or hierarchical imposition, in order to express “what boils inside them”.


VULCÃO participated for 4 consecutive years on the Artistic Residency Program (Programa Obras em Construção) at Casa das Caldeiras, in São Paulo, to develop their new projects.


The Waters of the world

Thinking Game

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