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WIOSNA -  Studio Theater in Warsaw  (Poland)  


Inspired by Anton Tchekhov and directed by Leonardo Moreira, Primavera, an intimate tale about the passage of time, was staged at the Teatr Studio in Warsaw. The new play by one of the most promising young Brazilian directors and playwrights, co-produced by, is a reflection on the human condition, time, life decisions and their consequences. Moreira tells a story about the constant intertwining of past, present and future. The action takes place simultaneously in two parallel spaces, separated from each other by the stage.

Direction:  Leonardo Moreira. 

Assistant director:  Aura Wedge. 

Song:  Marcelo Pellegrini. 

Scenography and Lighting:  Marisa Bentivegna. 

Costume:  Chris Aizner; 

Cast:  Monika Krzywkowska, Agata Goral, Marcin Bosak, Lukasz Simlat, Stanislaw Brudny, Antoni Pawlicki / goscinnie.  

Work performed at SESC Belenzinho 

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